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Vineyard wedding in Ambelonas, Corfu

S & K Vineyard Wedding at Ambelonas Corfu

The allure of a vineyard wedding in Ambelonas, Corfu, is undeniable. Nestled among the emerald hills, the traditional stone houses and sprawling vineyards offer a picturesque backdrop that captures the essence of Grecian charm. The UNESCO World Heritage old town and the historic Old Fortress provide a cultural tapestry that enriches every celebration. The color palette chosen—romantic pink, classic green and white, with a hint of purple—reflects the natural beauty of Corfu.

This venue, steeped in tradition yet brimming with elegance, offers a unique blend of rustic and refined details that are perfect for creating unforgettable moments. It’s a place where the warmth of the Greek sun meets the joy of celebration, making every event not just a day to remember, but an experience that embodies the heart of the island.

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