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I provide premium services to open-minded couples and modern brands.

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Vicky Galata Weddings & Events curates luxury weddings and elegant events as a full-service boutique event and wedding planning business in Greece and abroad.







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Destination weddings & events

A bespoke affair curation, meticulously crafted with an elegant twist. From our initial talk, I will manifest your deepest desires for a sophisticated and stylish destination wedding, uniquely surpassing traditional expectations. Possessing the talent to understand immediately from our brief conversation exactly how you envision everything, I will merge this with your love story to craft an enchanting event that’s truly captivating.

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Elopements & Proposals

Envision a wedding so intimate and unique that it involves only the two of you. It’s likely to be one of the most sublime ceremonies, embodying the ‘less is more’ aesthetic. Imagine just the two of you exchanging vows at a romantic destination, guided by our elopement planning process. Alternatively, consider a distinctive proposal to set the stage before we begin crafting your perfect day.






Brand shoots and workshops offer exceptional wedding industry vendors the opportunity to achieve successful and meaningful results. By participating in a workshop, you can create an inspiring portfolio and build a robust, sustainable business.



The Most Professional and Caring Planner in Greece! She is incredibly organized and has beautiful taste and style. All of her ideas were catered to my own tastes as a bride, and I felt special and unique.

Vicky really listens to you and wants the wedding to be about you, not her. She is not interested in showing off or proving that she is the best planner in the industry – her work ethic and attitude and love for the job makes her the professional that she is. The work speaks for itself. She wants to help couples live out a real life fairytale. When the actual day of the wedding finally came around, it was better than anything I could have hoped for. She was there, helping to run the show and ensure that I felt no stress at all. If there were problems, I never knew about them. It was a truly seamless and perfect day. 


A magical wedding experience with Vicky! She really pulled off an amazing event, putting together the right vendors for our destination wedding in Sifnos!

Our wedding had people coming from far and wide, with a mix of many cultures and Vicky was able to perfectly accompany all the different traditions. We highly recommend her services, as she will work her absolute hardest to make your special day go as smoothly as possible and to be the most memorable ever. She takes great pride in her work and that shows in the results. We could definitely not have planned this without her help, nor would we have been able to relax as much as we did during the day, as she was completely in control and made sure everything went as planned. Vicky you are the best and thank you for working with us to plan such a magical wedding and a day we will always remember!


Vicky is an amazing wedding planner! Her unflappable, calm and discreet but passionate working style ensures that her clients are totally relaxed and able to enjoy every moment of their special day, stress-free.

Vicky works really hard both behind the scenes and in consultations to make sure you tick all of your must-haves, within budget.
In our case, Vicky acted as our personal confidant and friend, planning our wedding day from the moment I said “yes” to the time we leaved the venue. From her dreamy and elegant décor to her warm hospitality, every aspect of our wedding was thoughtfully created to ensure the best experience for us and our guests. We are so grateful to her for making our dream come true! Thank you so much, Vicky!

Partnerships & Collaborations

Ready to create something unique?

The extras

A tailor-made investment

With my couples in mind as embracers of innovative concepts and multicultural diversity, eager to share their unique qualities with their guests, I provide a carefully curated selection of destination wedding services and an preferred team of vendors.


Crafting your dream event is a bespoke service I approach with care for each occasion I orchestrate. The design encompasses all aspects, from stationery to the wedding cake and the guests’ favors, following a comprehensive plan. Inspiration is drawn from your desires and narrative. The budget set at a certain threshold will define the scope of choices and possibilities.


Regarding vendors, following our meeting, I will carefully recommend those that align with your aesthetic to ensure a distinctive and impactful collaboration. My diverse list of vendors caters to every facet of desire for a boutique-style wedding or event. Maintaining relationships with local and destination wedding professionals, fortified by strong friendships, ensures effective communication.  Additionally, the portfolios of others, such as florists, will provide you with ample options to make your selection.


Combining all these elements and factors culminates in the definitive timeline and plan for your significant event. My team consistently upholds and advocates for the sustainability of the planning schedule, ensuring that you can enjoy the day seamlessly and comfortably as envisioned. Providing the ultimate guidelines without interfering in the entire process is my key strength in orchestrating and steering your upcoming boutique destination wedding or elopement. The ultimate decision is always yours, and I honor your preferences.

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Vicky Galata

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