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La vie en rose editorial ceremony at Tatoi Palace, Greece

An Old World Inspiration for Romantic Soulmates

La Vie en Rose: In a world where roses bloom, love is indeed in the air, and the essence of Parisian elegance is captured through meticulous attention to detail. The use of silver vintage accents, classic stationery, and French-inspired decor reflects Vicky’s distinctive style, creating an atmosphere of timeless romance. The floral arrangements, a blend of various rose species set against the lush backdrop of the Palace gardens, represent a harmonious union of historical charm and contemporary grace. The art of calligraphy and the tradition of love letters evoke the heartfelt expressions of bygone eras, when emotions were poured into words and melodies. These elements culminate in a cinematic portrayal of love, with the couple’s dance to “La Vie en Rose” before the grandeur of the Palace serving as a testament to love’s transformative power. In this realm, love is not sought; it gracefully descends upon us, altering our world, making roses flourish, and setting the soundtrack of our lives to the tender notes of “La Vie en Rose.”

DESIGN, PLANNING & STATIONERY Vicky Galata Weddings & Events | PHOTOGRAPHER Vesi & Yiannis Simopoulos | FLORIST Fillo Flower Studio | CINEMATOGRAPHERS Soft Focus Project & InOblivion Films | PATISSERIE Poulette Pastry | BRIDAL GOWN Anna Anemomilou | BRIDAL SHOES Once Upon a Shoe | BRIDAL ACCESSORIES Astrea Bridal Accessories | GROOM’S ATTIRE Tailor Made | GROOM’S ACCESSORIES Louis Vuitton & Mont Blanc | HAIR & MUA STYLIST Frantzeska Koukoula | ART DE LA TABLE Vicky Galata Weddings & Events | SOUNDTRACK “LA VIE EN ROSE” Laura & Anton, Song by Edith Piaf & Louiguy | LOCATION Tatoi Palace, Athens, Greece


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