Tips for beautiful wedding flat lay!

I adore details. As a wedding planner and wedding designer I am a firm believer of small details in a wedding mood board because they can make your wedding day to stand out. I always looking around the world to bring small props back with me, so unique as my couples are and so chic to upgrade my images. My tips for your wedding flat lay design are simple and elegant.

1. Use a bright background for your flat lay. You can’t go wrong with white. It is as bright as it takes to highlight all shades of colors you are about to use. Ivory is also a good idea. Based on your stationery, props and style you want to capture choose other bright colors and pale shades to make your flat lay clear and beautiful. Black is not forbidden as long as it is appropriate for the style you have chosen such as luxury with white and gold details or in black & white wedding theme.

2. Stationery vintage items for effortless elegance. Every wedding is unique such as the couple is. I always choose to bring on their stationery flat lay something that represents the style of their wedding style or a vintage item I found on a flea market on my travels. Vintage French gold hungers, elegant pen from Florence, tiny clay from Greek designers e.t.c. These little items will upgrade the final result and couples always love it.

3. Add a unique and uncommon idea on your flat lay. You don’t want to copy yourself every time or other designers from Pinterest, too. You want to be copied though? Then add a different idea and let it be viral. A blooming plate with boutonniere flat lay or a glass of rose French champagne among with flowers are some ideas I used on my latest flat lays design. Find your inspiration from movies, songs or personal stories as I do. This is the key to imagination.

4. Velvet ring boxes are must have. A beautiful diamond ring needs proper treatment. A velvet ring box can be used in some many different shots and colors,too. Make sure to add some flowers around, a calligraphy detail or a silk ribbon to make it pop!

5. Always use flowers. You know that where flowers bloom so does hope. Beauty too, let me add. Between cotton papers, vintage props and ribbons flowers will make your flat lay design to emerge. Make sure to be corresponding style with your stationery and wedding’s theme.

6. Accessories make evrything better. Either it is a small hair accessory or a gorgeous diamond necklace, be sure to highlight it. Do not overdo with the design and props, let the jewelry shine in an effortless simplicity.

6. Highlight culture and history. Use your imagination to create an exclusive flat lay design about culture and history of your destination wedding. Whatever every country or city or island produce and it is part of tradition make sure to be included on your shots list. Details and history about the products printed on cotton papers with custom made design, vintage cutlery and established items will make this flat lay to be striking.


photography Les Anagnou | Sotiris Tsakanikas | V&Y Sysimopoulos | Mary Lazaridi | George Kossieris

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