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Couple shoot in Paris

V & C Parisian Photoshoot at Musee du Louvre

Celebrating a decade of love in Paris, the city that epitomizes romance, is a dream for many couples. The journey from the majestic Musée du Louvre, with its timeless art and architecture, to the charming Palais Royal, offers a backdrop of historical grandeur for any photoshoot. Sidewalk cafés like Les Nemours provide a quintessential Parisian experience, allowing couples to bask in the city’s ambiance while enjoying delectable coffee and croissants.

For a wedding planner like me, who is accustomed to orchestrating these moments for others, stepping into the frame can be a delightful change of perspective. It’s a chance to create personal memories in a city that has been the setting for countless romantic tales, and to celebrate the milestones of marriage in a place where every corner whispers stories of love. This shift from planner to participant highlights the joy of commemorating love in a city that has mastered the art of romance.

Capturing the essence of love in the City of Light, a professional photographer can truly elevate a romantic experience. CheyAnne, with her expertise and encouraging approach, seems to have provided just that, guiding you through the charming streets of Paris. Her ability to make you feel at ease, ensuring that each photograph reflects the genuine emotions and connection between you and your partner, is a testament to her professionalism. It’s wonderful to hear how a mood board of favorite spots became the backdrop for your intimate moments, creating a gallery that not only showcases your love but also the timeless beauty of Paris. Such memories are indeed priceless, and having them immortalized through CheyAnne’s lens allows you to revisit and cherish them for years to come.

CheyAnne, photographer from L’amour de Paris, said “Vicky and I became instant “insta” friends via our instagram accounts a few years ago. We easily bonded over our shared love between Paris and Greece, and the beautiful wedding imagery in both locations.When Vicky messaged me that she and her husband were traveling to Paris for their 10th anniversary, we knew a shoot had to happen in the City of Love! I was honored to be the one she called upon. Sometimes I’m a bit nervous to photograph someone else in the industry.I know they understand all the ins and outs, and I simply want things to be perfect. For them to experience everything the way a normal client would, and be able to relax and enjoy one another’s company without overthinking anything.I believe this was very successful with Vicky and Chris. She communicated to me the most important part of the shoot was to convey their love for one another. They easily settled into one another’s arms literally – as it was quite chilly in Paris on this particular day! By the end of their shoot we all cozied up at Cafe Nemours and shared breakfast together.Now my husband and I are working on when we can visit them in Athens. I love when photography, love, and the love of travel brings us together, all while preserving special memories. “

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